A major barrier to men seeking treatment is access to medical specialists who deal with hair loss. The need to attend regular consultations and repeat prescriptions can also deter men from seeking treatment. Unfortunately the best results are seen when treatment is started early.

Telemedicine (where the patient and doctor communicate electronically rather than face to face) is an old technology used for patients who live in remote areas and cannot easily access a doctor. Some conditions cannot be well treated by telemedicine and need a visit to the doctor, however common baldness can be accurately self diagnosed and confirmed with a few simple questions. Other hair loss conditions that require different treatments can be considered. If I consider that medications are the most appropriate way to treat your hair loss then I will mail you a prescription that can either be taken to your local pharmacy or used to purchase your medication online.

This site provides secure access for your medical consultation and patient records and secure payment for your consultation and medications. At present telemedicine consultations are not eligible for a Medicare rebate. We have kept this in mind when
setting our consultation fees.

You can also see your GP for a diagnosis and treatment, and if necessary be referred to Sinclair Dermatology for a face to face consultation. The medications we use are only available with a prescription. If you need a second opinion before you start treatment – see your GP.