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More than two thirds of patients start to regrow their own
hair as a result of our treatments – and keep it!

Professor Rod Sinclair is a world-renowned expert in dermatology and hair-loss.
Using this site, Dr Sinclair can provide a diagnosis for your condition and prescribe a treatment appropriate for you. Your diagnosis will be sent via email and your prescription will be presented online. You can pay for your consultation and prescription online and then
receive your treatment in the mail.

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The reason why men go bald is complex. Genetic factors are important, however not everyone can identify other family members affected by baldness. Hormonal factors and in particular how the hormones interact with the hair follicles are important.  Blood tests rarely identify an excess of male androgen hormones and do not help in the diagnosis of baldness. How the hair follicles respond to the hormones determines age of onset and severity of hair loss. Environmental factors such as diet and lifestyle may also play a role.

While there are treatments available that target the hormones that cause male baldness, some men experience loss of libido and impotence.  The aim of this treatment is to arrest further hair loss without interfering with testosterone or other hormones that have the potential to affect sexual function.

Without treatment male balding will progress. With this treatment most men will stop losing their hair and some will notice an improvement in their hair density. This medication is an important part of any hair loss treatment program.

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If caught early hair loss is reversible. If left too long the hair loss is permanent. The only way to tell how much of hair you can be regrown is to start treatment.

In addition to preventing further loss, over two thirds of men who take this tablet will get some hair regrowth. It may take 6 months or even 1 year before you notice this regrowth. By the end of 2 years all the hairs that can be recovered will have regrown. This regrowth is permanent, provided you continue to take the tablets. If you stop taking the tablets the hair loss process will start up again.

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Possible side-effects include:

Feeling Dizzy or light headed

While most men experience no side-effects while taking this medication, between 1and 2% of men will feel dizzy, especially when they stand up quickly after lying down. This is call postural hypotension and is usually mild and transient.  The effect is usually settles after a week or two. Drinking more water or adding salt to your diet may help.  If men do experience postural hypotension, many decide to continue taking the tablets. If you do decide to stop the medication, 2 days is the average time it takes for your blood pressure to return to normal.


Palpitations refers to a rapid heart rate.  This is a very rare side-effect.  It is not dangerous and usually passes in a minute or 2.  Reducing coffee intake can help.  If recurrent or persistent, stop the medication and see your doctor.

Possible benefits include:

This medication provides partial protection against the future development of high blood pressure, but cannot be used a substitute for regular medication for men who already have high blood pressure.

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If you qualify for this treatment you will be provided with a prescription for a box of 30 tablets. You are to take 1 tablet each day. It can be taken at any time. It will not work faster or better if you take more than one tablet a day. Please read the Consumer Medicine Information sheet inside the box before you start taking this medication.

You will receive either an email or a text message in 3 weeks time. You must respond to this message to continue your treatment. No payment is required until your medical assessment is complete. Once you receive your medical assessment, you will be required to pay for your treatment as you go. As a guide, the cost of this treatment program for 1 year is around $1200.

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